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Anorexie, boulimie, compulsions alimentaires : l'association peut vous aider à voir les choses Autrement

The alternative view



The association has several missions. To:

  • 1- Train health care professionals to support people suffering from eating disorders:

- Anorexia nervosa
- Restrictive eating
- Bulimia
- Compulsive eating

  • 2- Inform the general public about the prevention and management of anorexia, bulimia and severe compulsive eating.
  • 3- Help people who suffer from eating disorders fight their eating disorder.

At dawn of the 21st Century the number of people suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia and compulsive eating is increasing.

We need to confront this problem and take action to:

  • Develop efficient prevention strategies
  • Provide health care professionals with objective information
  • Treat people with eating disorders who are unwell and give them and their families guidance and advice

People suffering from eating disorders can get well.
They battle on for a long time, without losing heart. In order to win this battle, the person suffering from an eating disorder and his/her therapist have to establish mutual trust.

This is the battle we are fighting against.

Here is an explanation of what eating disorders are.